Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dumb-ass Bigot = Conservative Racist Republican Candidate, Conservative Homophobic Representative

The 'N' word used to be common in the deep south; didn't make it any more acceptable than wetback.

Here is a turn of phrase that is so common nationwide that it is as natural as breathing when referring to an especially stupid conservative:

"dumb-ass bigot".

It's a very flexible phrase; you can put the stress or emphasis on any of the three syllables, depending on your region and dialect, and still be correct.


  1. Shooting "wetbacks" on sight sounds like a meme that Mikeb's Poorfessur "Crybaby" Camp could get behind. He's oneathem guyz who just KNOWZ when some illeg-o-perp or other crimnul is in his sights.

    It remains to be seen exactly what sort of target ID system Mapp the Moran is using.

  2. Penigma.

    You are mistaken. Some guy saying that it is okay to shoot border crossers does not equate with anti-gay hatred.

    1. It does. There are similar statements made about gays who are legal citizens NOT crossing the border, and there is similar use of slurs towards LGBT people. You can draw a venn diagram with almost perfect overlap of right wingers who hate gays, hold equally horrible views towards black people, and towards hispanics, and who use language that reflects those feelings, and advocate for violence towards them. We can throw in religious intolerance towards Muslims, Sikhs and others as well in that diagram.

      How many examples would you like?

  3. dog gone:

    I bet your Venn Diagram would look like this: