Friday, July 23, 2010

the Avalanche of Violence

Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida likes to make sensational comments to make his point.  He can fairly be accused of intemperate speech - as can many Republicans in the House of Representatives, and not a few from either side of the aisle in the Senate as well.

Earlier this week Grayson was covered by Fox-News-almost.  As an apparent direct result of his statements, tamer than many, and the subsequent coverage those comments received on Faux, it appears that Mr. Grayson has received death threats at his office.

Given that Mr. Grayson was speaking on behalf of those who are in need of assistance, it is unlikely the threat comes from that direction. Given that a majority, although by no means all, of the audience who watches Fake News  tends to be conservative, it is more than likely that the threats originate from that demographic. Given that Mr. Grayson was speaking directly to conservatives and Republicans and Tea Partiers, and more likely than not to have offended them.

In response to Mr. Grayson's statements, a right wing blogger also made the offer of $100 to anyone who would punch Mr. Grayson in the face.  Which seems to me to be threats of violence from the right, and contrary to the free exchange of ideas.

Capital police are investigating, along with all of the other unusually large number of threats they already were investigating.  One more threat in the avalanche of threats and violence.

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