Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Jersey now. New Mexico, by the end of the year? And Illinois soon....cheers for Marriage EQUALITY

Illinois may be considering gay marriage in the next few weeks, if they can find the time.  But the time is coming, the only question is the when.  It is, like the end of slavery, and the recognition of equality for women, an arc of history, inexorable, unstoppable, and positive.  Other states addressing or about to address same sex marriage EQUALITY are Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Tennessee.

DOMA is done, as is DADT; same sex marriage is just a matter of time, as homophobia disappears into the past as an unreasonable and hateful prejudice.

Congratulations to those who were married by Mayor Corey Booker in Trenton, New Jersey. 

Shame on Governor Christie for obstructing the will of the people, and for being too afraid to have Booker on the same ballot with him (to the tune of wasting millions of taxpayer dollars for no good reason).

Hooray for the courts in New Mexico for striking a blow for freedom and equality as well, against the old fuddy duddy homophobic conservatives, who have no justifiable reason to deny anyone else the right to marry their partner, other than an obsession with forcing their religious beliefs on others.  So very often, we see this is "do as I say, not as I do".  They are more interested in maintaining the status quo than genuine liberty.

And a big Hooray and congratulations for the gay couple who found a way to get married in Oklahoma, in spite of their discriminatory ban against true freedom and marriage equality, by marrying on one of the OK Indian Reservations. From the HuffPo:

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  1. As the marriage question is being resolved, it's time to ask :

    What about EDNA ?

    H.R.1755 – Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2013 which has 186 co-sponsors — Republicans and Democrats ... is awaiting a committee hearing and vote.

    The Senate approved their version with support of committee members including Republicans Orrin Hatch (Utah), Mark Kirk (Illinois) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and has more Republicans that are co-sponsors that will vote for it when it gets a full Senate vote (presuming that their is not a filibuster.)

    The House bill has been assigned to Chairman Kline.

    Chairman Kline should be aware that a recent poll conducted by Republican pollster Alex Lundry in conjunction with the Americans for Workplace Opportunity campaign found that :
    ==> 88% overall, 86% Republicans: “Everyone has a right to earn a living – including gay, lesbian and transgender Americans –‐ and workers should be judged on the job they do – nothing more, nothing less.”
    ==> 88% overall, 84% Republicans: “Companies should hire and fire based solely on a person’s qualifications not quotas – gay and transgender employees should have an equal opportunity to everyone else.”

    Considering that the Second District rejected the MN Same-sex amendment last November, this is an issue that Chairman Kline needs to explain why he has delayed consideration.