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Tea baggers and bunny sex? Ewwwwwwwwwwww, nasty right wing radicals!

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Tea Party Bunny Sex — not quite the right explanation for the extremists, but close

The politics of the radical right…….
equates to bunny sex? Oh, my!
Raw Story featured an excellent piece on an Anderson Cooper interview with right wing CNN contributor Alex Castellanos, where Castellanos proffered the explanation for Ted Cruz’s fanaticism on defunding the ACA, and the government shut down, and the debt ceiling threat.

Bunny Sex.  Even more improbable in this video is the characterization of the Tea Party as ‘sophisticated’.  They aren’t; they are clearly the most gullible extremists we have seen in decades, in generations.

I would argue rather that there is a different, but in some ways similar, explanation for the Tea Party.  The Tea Party is a bunch of disaffected politics naive and ignorant conservatives who have been angry because no one has taken seriously what they want — and correctly so, because what they demand is bad.  NOW, they have a bunch of elected members of Congress who openly (and sometimes not so openly) are afraid of them.  These cowardly Tea Party congressmen and in a few cases, congresswomen – but mostly men – have given these disaffected extremists the feeling of power that they desperately crave.

The Tea Party is literally drunk on that illusion of power, that false perception, in the short term, that they do not understand or even try to understand the consequences of their policies and positions.  All they know is they think they are winning.  They think they can ignore the polls, because they are told that by their political leadership.  They think that because they are told so by their religious leadership. They believe it because it is what they want to hear; independent thinking and questioning of their own authority figures is discouraged by conservatives, even punished.  Increasingly they retreat into their right wing echo chamber alternative.  In their long-simmering resentment of ‘intellectual elites’ aka the reality based world, the educated world, they feel further surges of pleasure in the sense that now it’s the radical right’s turn to be the elite, the minority, who understands, who is on the side of power – both divine AND political power.

They can’t resist that.  No appeal to reason can compete with that.  Full capitulation to reason will only come with the greatest possible destruction of their extreme conservative power base and movements.  Only the most unavoidable, undeniable discrediting of their alternate reality MIGHT finally bring at least some of them back to the real world of cause and effect.  Some of them will prefer to remain in their pleasant world of delusion about the world and how it works.  Influence and power will have to be forcefully taken out of their hands by the rest of the right who have been dragged to the extreme, who still understand reality when they collide with it.  They’re colliding with it now.

What a shame it took so long. Here is the ‘bunny sex’ video:

and here, just for fun, is my 'additional' video contribution via youtube:

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