Monday, October 14, 2013

Shooting Blind

I was pilloried by a NRA activist who writes under the name Sebastian on his blog a while back, for asserting that we should require eye testing for gun ownership and gun permits, the same way we do for driving.  His girlfriend is fairly severely visually impaired, lacking any effective peripheral vision as I understand it.

Jimmy Kimmel expresses very well WHY we should require, for common sense safety reasons, adequate physical and mental ability to use firearms SAFELY, which includes adequate visual capacity.

That Iowa or any person representing the blind community would not understand the profound danger blind people present with open or concealed carry, is nothing less than bizarre.



  1. There's another video that's in the same batch as the one you embedded. In it a blind woman goes to a shooting range and demonstrates that she CAN hit the target. Of course the target is only a few feet away and is not moving--which is VERY typical of the behavior exhibited by home invaders and other criminals.

    Iowa used to be regarded as a relatively boring but eminently sane state.

  2. Thanks for noticing that Democommie!

    The problem is, that woman shooting accurately is as much accidental as it is intentional.

    There ARE shooters who are blind, who use sound to target shoot, and who can do very well. But sound is notoriously unreliable for location - it can be very deceptive in situations that are not carefully staged.

    We are talking about people shooting in the context of a carry permit. THAT they cannot do reliably with safety.

    Further, we have seen the case of a gun collector who was blind, who demanded the same gun ownership rights. HE was unable to keep his collection safe, or to protect himself with one of his own firearms from a break in and robbery, letting all of those firearms fall into the hands of criminals.

    Parts of Iowa have succumbed to the Tea Party insanity.