Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bad Pennies Award to: Dennis Rodman

North Korea is a country which has repeatedly detained Americans, not only putting them in prisons, but in harsh, primitive labor camps.

North Korea is a country which has repeatedly threatened America and American allies with missiles, including nuclear missiles.

The current Kim Jung Nut-job dictator has been, fairly, compared to tyrants like Stalin.

So, who makes him his little friend, putting on basketball exhibition games for his Birthday, making multiple trips to see his little buddy?

Dennis 'the worm' Rodman.

It's not like Rodman has a history of good taste or judgement in the past.

Rodman is a 52 year old basketball has-been, reduced to professional wrestling, betting on the papal election, and flogging Vodka.  Presumably, in spite of his protestations of friendship, this misadventure is also at its core entirely about making money for Rodman.  It is a reasonable speculation that Rodman is getting paid for this.

Shame on him.

Maybe we'll all get lucky, and he'll just stay in Korea with his nut-job little buddy.  Having his little buddy slam him behind bars, if he doesn't intentionally loose to the North Korean team.

Rodman is not who this blog wants representing this country, and the North Korea dictator is not someone an American should be sucking up to as a 'BFF' for life.



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