Wednesday, January 29, 2014

GOP = Hypocrisy, Economic Ineptitude, Fiscal IR-responsiblity

We saw the MN GOP talk talk talk talk talk talk talk about fiscal responsibility and limiting spending.

The result was that they didn't pay their bills, including paying counties for the recount expenses and not paying the rent, resulting in eviction proceedings.

They still have refused to do the responsible thing, that should be done after that kind of screw-up -- have an outside professional audit conducted, with public results.

Time after time, we've seen the MN GOP leadership demonstrate a lack of ethics and a lack of responsible conduct, ranging from Michael Brodkorb and his upside down notions of family values that he helped promote with the MN GOP candidates, and the shabby bankruptcy, both of the business he ran into the ground, and his personal finances.

We've seen Michel Bachmann and her family, profiting by providing substandard professional services, raking in lots of nice government money for it, along with big, generous subsidies for the family farm that she and her husband partly own.  That would be Michele Bachmann with the most costly office in D.C. of all the representatives and senators from Minnesota, with poor constituent service and the worst attendance of any member of the House or Senate from Minnesota.  But no money for food stamps or extended unemployment for the people who genuinely NEED it in this state, the working poor.

Now we see ANOTHER example.

Take federal money, apparently making him flush enough to fund his own campaign with a loan, repeatedly, but not to pay back that loan.   And we're supposed to believe that doesn't reflect on how he does his job in the legislature?  It reflects PRECISELY on his personal relationship to government and money, and directly to how he got his job in the legislature.

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