Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Greater Freedom and Civil Rights Come to Oklahoma!

Today another court overturned another red state ban on same sex marriage.

This time it was Oklahoma, joining the other states in that region of the country, New Mexico and Utah.

Foolishly, in all of the states with a prior gay marriage ban, there are fund raising attempts to fight this lost battle against civil rights and marriage equality.

Sadly, in the same week we have new levels of freedom in the U.S., thanks to these same bigots, the President of Uganda, at the instigation of American fundies and virulent evangelicals, signed legislation that would allow that country to execute people for being gay.

Because nothing says "Jesus love you!" like passing a law, for religious reasons, to kill people for being who they are -- as God made them.

Shame on this country for exporting our backward bigotry.  But HOORAY for the federal government over-ruling state level discrimination.


  1. I have no idea what Uganda might receive in the way of foreign aid from the U.S. and other nations but I see that money being withheld by countries that have strong protections for teh GAY.

  2. Threats of withholding aid were made under Sec State Clinton; not sure if Kerry has continued the message, but apparently Obama made a similar assertion.

    Of course, the Tea bagger fundies will try everything they can to send aid to Uganda -- as hard as they try not to aid their fellow Americans who have the bad judgment to be poor, which is as bad in their eyes apparently as being gay.

  3. teh GAY makes MurKKKa poor by spending alla OUR hard earned money on botox, dance lessons and orgies! Money that they get from big ol' GAYbama just for being teh GAY!!