Saturday, January 11, 2014

More from the Firearm Concierge

Just in case you forgot who he was, this may jog your memory:

I know I ruffled a lot of people's feathers when I commented on a certain open carrier's demise due to having guns around the home.  As I said at the time, she seemed to show that the studies saying that having a gun in the house was more harmful to the people who lived there than any criminal, but that's another point.

After all, it does hurt to know that any serious scrutiny of your positions show they are wrong.  After all that's why things like gun violence research funding was basically ended and Tiahrt Amendment were enacted.  After all, used to know which were the top gun stores in the state that were supplying crime guns:  little wonder the pro-gun side wanted to keep that embarrassing information under wraps!

As for reponsible gun owners.  Well, maybe the Firearm Concierge and I are on the same page here:

Nice,  talk about a party admission!  Who needs all the astroturfed BS you lot post! It does get even better!

Yeah, tell it brother:  mass shootings are great for business.

They are even better if you have a bunch of truly useful idiots out there who will make sure that not only won't strict gun laws be enacted, but the existing weak laws are repealed making it easier to sell guns to the wrong people without consequences!

BTW, I am now retired, which means that I make NO money from seeing strict gun laws; however,  I do see a public benefit from such laws.

But, I know full well you people will believe whatever you want--facts to the contrary.

Have a nice day!

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  1. I see from the link that Pwndfessor Campy is still the same idiot that he's always been.

    Gunzloonz are like porn addicts. It's not that they LIKE gunz, it's that they LOVE gunz to the exclusion of all else.