Monday, January 20, 2014

GOP – MN GOP – Still the bigoted Party that cultivates Racists unashamedly

We have seen Minnesota racism in the social media of county MN GOP postings, Chisago and Winona, respectively  – see below.

You can see this in the “Geography of Hate map” analysis of tweets using the word nigger from Humboldt University, done less than a year ago.

You can see this in the Rochester, MN GOP/ tea party group that promote a fake ‘birther’ oriented ID for Obama.

We like to think that racism is a uniquely deep south problem among conservatives.

It is not.

The GOP is the party of racism and intolerance. We’d like to think it is, at the very least, more subtle here, than in the deep south, but the reality is that it can be as blatant here as often as it is hidden, but that right wing racism is still very real, and completely systemic.||

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