Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Funny always, but the musical numbers are the best

Hey, Sean -- don't just leave New York, leave the country, better yet, leave the planet.

and the witty entertainment continues in the second clip:

Because Hannity you are a dishonest man, a hate-promoting and fear-mongering, lying propagandist and scam artist, including but not limited to your charity scams that raised money for your own luxury life style, using the children of our dead soldiers to sucker people out of money. 

As the Huff Po noted:

CREW, VoteVets File IRS, FTC Complaints Against Sean Hannity Charity Freedom Concerts

Freedom Concerts, Sean Hannity's scholarship charity for the children of fallen soldiers, has violated its charitable tax status, according to a Washington advocacy group.
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington alleges that Hannity's Freedom Concerts has "engaged in deceptive and illegal marketing practices by suggesting that all concert ticket sale revenue goes directly to scholarships for children of killed and wounded service members." CREW and veterans group VoteVets have filed complaints with the IRS and the Federal Trade Commission about Freedom Concerts, Freedom Alliance, and Lt. Col. Oliver North.
The two groups hosted a joint press conference Monday to discuss their complaints. VoteVets Chair Jon Soltz questioned Freedom Concert's priorities. "It's appalling and absurd that... 80-90% of the money [raised] is going toward overhead, not scholarships," Soltz said.
"They've made statements that 100% of [all] funds go toward scholarships," said Melanie Sloan, the executive director of CREW. "This is the kind of deceptive marketing the FTC looks poorly upon."
Mother Jones did an excellent assessment of how the right wing cheats and profits from their dumb, blind and gullible followers who comprise their base, including Hannity's apparent rip-off of them.

Hey, Hannity, take Bill-O with you.  Both NYC and the state of NY would be better off.

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