Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It would be one thing, if women had made equal pay or nearly equal pay all along, without equal pay legislation, to vote against such legislation as unnecessary.

It would be one thing, if women made equal pay WITH equal pay legislation AFTER such legislation passed, and it hadn't made an improvement towards more equal pay, to vote against such legislation as unnecessary. But 70 some% is not 'equal enough', because there is still a persistent disparity that is clearly a gender inequality, a gap in pay, that is unfair and unjust.

It would be one thing, if women did not, on the basis of gender, deserve equal pay because they are inferior human beings who somehow deserve to be an inferior class of women in how they are treated -- but they are not.

So there is NO adequate reason, not pretext, no justification, no bull shit, that justifies this vote by Michele Bachmann. That she is herself a woman, shitting on other women, is the essence of right wing tokenism, where people in small numbers agree to be figure heads representing minorities, in spite of every evidence to the contrary that this is a good thing for anyone in those minorities, or a good thing for the nation at large. It is a kind of betrayal, a kind of core dishonesty.

Speaking of dishonesty........I wonder how all those investigations into the many ethics violations and legal violations by Bachmann, and in service to Bachmann's ambitions are going?

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  1. The GOP and the TSA (Teabaggist Sturm Abteilung) have one major sacrament, lying with a straight face. They practice it as assiduously as any Buddhist monk does a zen koan. Of course, Buddhist monks are not usually trying to line the pockets of their begging bowls.

    Poor Mr. Christie Cream, his was gonna be the fiz of reasonable ratpublicaness. Too bad, so sad.