Saturday, February 1, 2014

Republican economic ideas DO NOT WORK. What savings? What about the private sector providing services better and cheaper? It did NEITHER.

Remember how we were promised the private sector could do the same jobs better and cheaper than the military?

Remember who had the bright idea of privatizing military services? IT WAS DICK CHENEY.

That didn't happen. Instead we had Haliburton subsidiary KBR contractors doing such a poor job that people in our armed forces DIED from their negligence and incompetence.

Just after Maseth's electrocution, Pentagon officials estimated that about a dozen troops had been electrocuted in Iraq. But Pentagon officials now say at least 18 troops have been electrocuted since 2003 -- many due to faulty wiring and improper grounding.

The number could be higher if deaths from Afghanistan are included, said congressional sources.

KBR's contract in Iraq is vast and encompasses numerous responsibilities including the upkeep of U.S. bases and providing basic services on the bases. The 18 electrocutions occurred in different places and under different circumstances.

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