Friday, May 4, 2012

Jon Stewart on the Insanity of Guns and Gays in Missouri

The right likes to give mindless repetition to claims about wanting smaller government.  In theory concepts like reducing redundant programs and streamlining laws to be simpler and less intrusive, including eliminating them entirely where they are unnecessary is an excellent one. 
If the right ever, even remotely, put actions to their words, I would join them.  They don't.  They say one thing, do another. (Anyone remember that whopper lie assuring us they would focus on jobs, not waging culture wars?)
In practice, what the right does is the opposite.  The only laws and regulations they repeal are those which give more money to big corporate interests who are their donors and supporters, at the expense of public policy and citizen interests.  At the same time they enact overreaching and intrusive laws which make our citizens less free, less independent, and a whole lot less affluent.  Examples would be requiring that medically inaccurate propaganda be forced on women making reproductive decisions, or intrusive and expensive vaginal probe ultrasonography confirming what they already know.
The political right does NOT want FREEDOM.  They want FREE-DUMB, they want people to be ignorant and conformist.  No critical thinking, no trusting people to make their own decisions with accurate information for the right! 
This segment by Jon Stewart's Daily Show is one of their most brilliant examples of right wing bigger government, stupid government, less free and equal government in action. 
Guns are not overly regulated; given the gun violence and the desperate need we have to change our gun culture in this country to something more safe and more sane, the following clip makes a very strong point against both the rights Gun Manufacturer driven NRA promoting lethal stupidity and hypocrisy. This is brilliant, simply and purely brilliant.

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