Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Laugh. Cry. Repeat.

The stock market is doing poorly, in fear of Greece leaving the European Union.  Conservatives are out, in France, and Socialists are in, and likely to remain 'in'.  Greece continues to try to sort out a socialist government. In Germany, the overwhelmingly popular Angela Merkel's party of conservatives is NOT so popular - and is more vulnerable to being thrown out of power than they have been in a long time.  Long serving Angela Merkel is meeting with French President Hollande, his first foreign visit since assuming power in Berlin, in an attempt to undo some of what has been done by austerity-mad conservatives. 
Austerity is not popular; and austerity, especially conservative style, which uses it ONLY to shift burdens from the rich to the middle class and below, and to shift money from them to the rich, is failing.  It is failing because Austrian school economics is only useful in theory, not practice, while Keynesian economics has a proven successful track record, when properly implemented.
In that political context, I've been waiting to post this animation, which gets it all so very right, about the right wing.
Hooray again for Mark Fiore; he understands, as well as animates, brilliantly; applause, applause!
Conservatives could do well to learn their economic lessons from him.

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  1. Hello Dog Gone,
    Loved the video clip. It is so evident to me that the Working Middle Class has been the “Elois” to the Corporate Republican “Morlocks’” abuses for too long.

    Recent events have shown us once again the results of the mindless who cheered on mantle of “Less Regulations” to the banking industry with J.P. Morgan’s loss of $2 Billion. Those High Risk Investments but Working Middle Classes’ safety net, but with High Rewards to the 1% if they had worked out…..but they didn’t did they? So once again the Working Middle Class has been hosed.

    I can say that the Republicans are not chanting “Less Regulations” this election year…..but don’t think that they won’t pass more legislation to remove more of the Banking Regulations should they gain more seats in the House and Senate with Mitt Romney winning the White House.

    In conclusion, “Conservative Republicans” will not learn their economic lessons from these recent events because it is a lesson they have no interest in learning from in the first place. It does not fit into their “Ultra Conservative Faith Based Politics.”

    The true question is, "Why does the segment of the Working Middle Classes continue to play the part of "Mindless Republican Enablers?”