Saturday, January 4, 2014

All that "Freedom of Speech" stuff? Yeah......where are those conservatives now?


  1. Again, nothing to do with free speech.

    Seems you're doing this on purpose.

    1. You are correct. I am highlighting the inconsistency of conservatives regarding criticism of speech with which they do not agree.

      I am using the reference to "free speech", because that is the terminology they repeatedly use incorrectly.

      The premise of doing so is that if the conservatives point out that this is NOT a free speech issue, it might help them to correct their misunderstanding of what free speech IS and IS NOT.

      But it IS very much underlining a double standard among conservatives that is ALSO hypocritical: the predictable and annoying screams and wails of conservatives claiming to be victims when they do something bad, something wrong, something without moral conscience.

      In that regard, it is a kind of double 'gotcha'.

      Btw, this is not - as you correctly point out -- a free speech issue. But it IS quite possibly an issue of inappropriate speech by his superiors that created a hostile work environment, should Kluwe decide to sue the Vikes. In that context, his superior's speech might in fact be well-established government PROHIBITED speech, for which Kluwe could be compensated, and his superior could be fired..

    2. Post script to the above -- I believe that is what some prominent conservatives, known for mangling both language and political/legal concepts refer to as "strategery".

  2. I think that the bulk of Kluwe's problems have to do with his support for teh GAY. I can certainly understand why someone who has only read the 2nd Amendment would not be conversant with subtle distinctions re: what is "Free speech" and what is hypocritical GOP whining.

    If Kluwe was shitcanned for his taking a stand, that's life. If someone in the Vikings management team was engaged in any sort of harassment that is actionable under U.S. or Minnesota law, well, that's fine, too.

    If Kluwe had a 75 yard leg he could probably say really nasty shit about Vikes ownership and get away with it. "Talent", so called, lets one get away with a lot, as is evidenced by Douchenozzle Dynasty Daddy Phil.