Friday, January 3, 2014

Time to get rid of the GOP lock on the House of Representatives, Time to get rid of the GOP leges and governors, so we can move forward.

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  1. While the idea of a Congress without John Kline, Erik Paulsen and/or Michele Bachmann would be a vast improvement, the GOP would still control the House ... so there few other obstructionists that just need to be defeated.

    Challenging an incumbent can be a daunting task ... and keeping their egos stroked is always welcomed. In the old days, it was driving around and seeing a bumper stick that gave the candidate just a little mental boost, today, it is done through Facebook Likes ... would you considering FACEBOOK Liking a few challengers ( after reviewing their profiles, of course) that might retire some Republicans ?

    Tom Poetter is challenging John Boehner

    Jim Mowrer is challenging Steve King

    plus Sean Duffy's opponent Kelly Westlund