Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update: George Zimmerman

It has been announced that George Zimmerman is in custody, and will be charged with 2nd degree murder.

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  1. Try to keep up KR. We're in a recovery, albeit a slow one thanks to obstructionist right wingers.

    I don't think the racism issue is generating nearly the interest that the right wing war on women is.

    You DO know, right, KR that people can pay attention to more than one issue at a time? It is the right that is doing the exploiting of this, due to their right wing base's raging apathy about this election.

    There is no moral high ground on the right after the previous elections efforts to use wedge issues like homophobia. And unlike YOUR purely speculative notion that this is a deliberate distraction, unlike the attempts by Republican stategist Ken Mehlman and the rest of the backwards right to use wedge issues. But having used them so often, I can see why you'd be worried your opposition might use the tactic.