Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Zimmerman to be Criminally Charged in the Shooting of Trayon Martin

The specific charges have not yet been announced.


  1. I can't hear your question, it's drowned out by the crickets getting louder and louder while we wait for you to address Trayvon Martin's presumption of innocence....(LOL)

  2. Kevin,

    You've found us out, Obama actually IS the overlord of all things which happen in the US - it's a VAST LEFT WING CONSPIRACY....

    By the way - is there a point in time you're going to answer DG about Trayvon Martin's right to a presumption of innocence from George Zimmerman, the right to a trial by a jury of his peers rather than judge, jury and execution by Zimmerman?

    Or for that matter, my question to you about how it is that gays have equal rights to marry the person they love that heterosexuals have?

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  5. If there is any other aspect of Pen's comment to which you object, I would remind you that the references come from prior comments made by you and/or associates towards Pen. He was mirroring them back to you, for clarification of your meaning, which was a bit clouded to say the least.

    You know that I have an admiration for what you do professionally, which dramatically improves and even saves human life. Since you have demonstrated you are capable of that kind of intellectual activity, please try a little harder to rise to that level here in your comments.

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  7. Your objections would be more credible instead of silly if you didn't practice such a double standard.

    When are you going to address the presumption of innocence of Trayvon Martin, since you insist you give everyone the benefit of the doubt?

    And when are YOU going to apologize for calling me a racist?

    I don't write straw scarecrows; I'm more factual than our friend Mitch who puts more spin on flimsy stories than a professional pitch man does while promoting yo-yos to easily amused children.

  8. DG - I can edit my own comments, and apologize for my own conduct if I think one is warranted.

    In this case, it isn't (imho) - KR, you've made yourself utterly unwelcome here in the past by, among other things:

    1. Suggesting a catholic friend of mine was sexually abusing boys.

    2. Habitually posting highly insulting comments and then complaining that you were being censored when, in accordance with our blog rules, those posts were deleted.

    3. Calling us every curseword under the sun when it was suggested you were a "foot soldier" for right wing causes, a reaction so far beyond the pale it couldn't be tolerated and all for simply having a fairly obvious and hardly defamatory truth stated.

    4. Routinely refering to this blog with a reference to genetalia (a pretty common thread among your comments, fyi)

    Anwyay, Krudly, given the above, and a host of other things besides, you were banned. You said you'd never come back - as far as I'm concerned this blog is better without your presence. You made few cogent points, and routinely resorted to the conduct of a juvenile. You insulted friends of mine, you behaved badly enough that one of them put your name out there after you habitually lied about who you were and, if memory serves, you joined with others in 'reprimanding' me for using a nom-de-plume.

    So, the upshot is, you've behaved terribly here, far FAR worse than mild chiding sent back your way. My comments about being attracted to my "ass" came after you called me, oh yes, "your sorry ass", so your hypocrisy is a bit unbelievable. Lastly, you effectively suggested you hoped George Zimmerman would what? Kill me? Or what exactly was it you were thinking was "great" about what Zimmerman did? You've YET AGAIN failed to address the point raised to you, do you support Zimmerman's conduct? It seems, based on the case presented, that Zimmerman DID chase down Trayvon Martin, whether it was criminal will be decided by the court, but his own words on the 911 call say he did chase after a young boy, a boy he should simply have left alone, and whatever the nature of their altercation, that 17 year old boy died. Do you SUPPORT that kind of confontational vigilatism? Do you GET that this is the exact outcome of that kind of hubris?

  9. (continued)...

    So - in an effor to cater to your sensitiviies and complaints, the same ones which caused you to call DG a racist, and me a homophobe after I very gently poked a little fun at you, because after all, that WAS all I was doing, joking with you pretty lightly, I would NEVER have made the comment if I were ACTUALLY worried about your attraction - anyway, to deal with your rather two-faced sensibilities, I agree with DG that your name shouldn't be used needlessly, so here's my original post, your name removed.

    KR, I'm sorry, don't make WHO go all Tina Turner? Zimmerman? Is that what you call what he did? Are you energized by the fact that a 20-something guy with a gun ran down and shot an innocent, unarmed 17 year old? Is that what you call "going all Tina Turner?" Is it something you secretly wish you could do? Do you want to kill people, KR?

    As for my ass, sorry or not, I didn't know you thought about it so much. Perhaps that's why you are so virulently homophobic. Just sayin.

    One last point, if all you can do is drive-by one-lines which don't very often rise to the level of humor, just know, it's boring and it might be the case that soon, we won't bother posting some of them, because, well, they're dull and don't add anyting. Like this comment you made above - really, Tina Turner - that's what you call naked vigilantism, where someone uses a gun to carry out an execution? Ok - but it exposes you as a little "off", nothing more, nothing less.

    Now, you're banned, go away. Don't come back. If you want to have private correspondence with someone, do that, but stay off the blog. Your comments have been constructive perhaps once, EVER, and aren't worth having to sift thru 400 dozen worthless, demeaning comments. If you can't handle the heat, don't turn up the burner.