Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas is over -- and according to this, Minnesota is the exercise state

Christmas for 2013 is over, time to go back to that exercise to offset all the celebrating!

Thanks to Upworthy for this:

And on to what we don't do well -- we should be making a New Year's resolution to find out why it is we lead the other 49 states in autism, and then make some progress on that in 2014.

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  1. Interesting.

    First, be glad you don't live in Indiana ... where the positive is that Johnny Appleseed is buried there and the negative is trash production.

    Second, since MN seems to be competing with Wisconsin, let's hope we never take their crown as the binge-drinking champ ... but let's talk about their lead in organic corn production.
    Let's us remember that "organic" products came with tax subsidies. Wisconsin also leads the nation in organic dairy farms, egg producers, beef farms and cranberry sales and comes in second in organic potato and vegetable farm and ranks in the top five of corn, soybeans and hay production.
    Wisconsin received $472,030 in 2012 to divide between 574 organic farmers and another $74,541 for 99 different organic processors and handlers ... so, on average, each farmer received $823 of your tax dollars.

    Thus my question, should Wisconsin's positive be : Most organic subsidies? Get back to after you get a response from Governor Walker.