Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Conservative Elephants sure have short memories. Or maybe they are just hypocrites. Or both?

St. Ronnie Ray-gun, glad-handing Taliban terrorists.

John McCain BOWING, and shaking hands with Gadaffi, who was termed the Mad Dog of the Middle East by Reagan, and who was party to the 1986 Berlin Discotheque bombing that killed two American soldiers were killed and 79 injured (out of the total three dead and 230 injured).  In 1988, Libya under Gadaffi was also responsible for the Pan Am flight 103 terrorist attack aka the Lockerbie bombing, that killed 243 passengers and 16 crew.  Of those who died, 178 of the passengers were from the United States, and 11 of the crew.

So, just maybe, John McCain should shut up and sit down; he is in no position to criticize.

Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam.

Ronnie again, not shaking hands, just illegally hooking up and selling guns to the Ayatollah, to raise money for OTHER terrorists, this time in Central America.  Selling guns to a bad guy is worse than shaking hands with one.

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