Monday, December 30, 2013

The giant Rainbow Penny Award for 2013 goes to........ Minnesota!

This year marked a tipping point for same sex marriage and marriage equality.

Marriage equality and anti-gay discrimination are both important areas of civil rights. Even before the repeal of DOMA, with the rejection of the state Constitutional Amendment that would have prevented gay marriage, followed by legalizing same-sex marriage in Minnesota, our state became the tipping point for change that has been growing for a long, long time,the tipping point where polling well was finally reflected in actual VOTING for change and for hope and for equality.

Nationally, we see many other states either legalizing same sex marriage, or where courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States, are recognizing the logic of same sex marriage as a civil right, that there are social and individual benefits, with no valid justification for denying those rights to same sex-oriented citizens.

Internationally, a number of other countries managed as whole nations, not so piecemeal, to recognize same sex marriages - notably our close allies, Britain and France.

This year, the number of states where same sex marriage is recognized DOUBLED. With the recent court decision in Ohio that asserted every state must recognize, reciprocally, the marriages of other states, it is inevitable that in the foreseeable future, same sex marriage will be legal in ALL states, as it should be, ignorant red-neck beliefs not withstanding.

We are, quite properly, a democracy, not a theocracy, not for much longer a nation of ignorant bigots.

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