Friday, December 13, 2013

Mark Kessler - Update on a Loser

Mark Kessler is the man who shot off his guns and shot off his mouth......and lost big time.  In the first video, he was speaking about a different Washington DC protest; none of them have actually occurred.  He is the epitome of how not to be a law enforcement officer, he exemplifies every possible way not to function according to law enforcement standards and ethics.  He is a whiney right wing martyr wannabe.

He's gone from foul vulgarity spewing to silent loser.  His bellicose threats of law suits over his firing came to nothing.  His threats of forming an intimidating militia came to nothing.  His attempt at a write in win of the sheriff's office came to nothing. For those of you who only vaguely remember Kessler, he is the former one and only law enforcement officer of a small jurisdiction in rural Pennsylvania with right wing delusions of grandeur who was faced with the harsh and glaring light of reality. From the Schuylkill County web site for the November 5, 2013 election:

      Precincts Reported 125 of 125 (100.00%)      
Candidate Party Votes
Joseph G. Groody DEMOCRATIC 20,770
Patrick M. Reynolds REPUBLICAN 8,383
Write-in 736

A call to Frannie Brennan, who is the chief elections officer for the county produced the information that of the 736 write in votes, 79 were for various other people, and 657 were for Kessler, out of a total of 21,889.  This was hardly an impressive show of support for Kessler, following a similarly loudly ballyhooed and similarly belligerent event that .......failed to start like a sodden firecracker. That 'Million Truckers Strike to Shut Down Washington', which in part was in support of Mark Kessler? SIX truckers participated in that; no one noticed their 'huge impact', least of all the President or Congress or the DOJ.

The racist rants of the truckers during the non-shut-down included the following from one of the organizing right-wing talk radio shows: “Barack Hussein Obama”[will] be forced into an outdoor survival situation where he would theoretically learn the value of guns, violence and independence. After the ordeal, the President would come back to the city and “tell all the black people” to forget their socialist values, buy guns and stop asking for government handouts. ...“You [the president] have until midnight to vacate voluntarily,” a presenter calling himself Train Wreck Tommy said to the President. “Take your basketballs and go.” Mark Kessler and those who think and speak like him have large mouths, small brains, and singularly bad follow-through. They talk the talk, they certainly don't walk to match.

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  1. God, what a loser! Kessler is the epitome of gun loon delusion. I truly feel sorry for his family. I wonder if he has decided to take those "libtard" handouts called Unemployment, or if he's going all "survivalist."