Wednesday, December 25, 2013

THIS is what the season SHOULD be about

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  1. Happy Holidays to all your readers and in light of the War over Christmas, I suggest the words of the President of a country who is at the heart of the warzone.

    Israeli President Shimon Peres visited the Franciscan Catholic Church in Ramla in honor of Christmas. He was welcomed by children in Santa hats singing Christmas songs in English, Arabic and Hebrew.

    "It is a special occasion for us to be able to celebrate Christmas all together – we all pray to the same Lord and we all pray for the same thing – that the Lord may grant peace to us and our children, free from hatred and animosity.

    I came to offer my greetings on behalf of the State of Israel where Jews, Christians and Muslims live together. It is my pleasure to bring you the greetings of the whole people of Israel; a holiday for one religion is a holiday for the whole country. As a state we are responsible for your safety, freedom and holy sites and for your feeling as free and equal citizens that carry with them the hope that unites us for peace and a better world. The Lord is doing what he can but we must do what we need to do, to follow His wish and our destiny, to live in peace."

    It's the message that "War over Christmas" fighters should heed.