Thursday, December 12, 2013

Remember when John Boehner and the Republicans PROMISED Jobs Jobs Jobs would be their first and only priority?

Remember when the only legislation they passed was anti-abortion crap? The right is out of touch with Americans. They don't represent us. They don't give a damn about us, they are the party of special interests and intrusive government, not effective government.

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  1. JOB ONE should be doing your job.
    When Nancy Pelosi took command of the House after the 2006 election, she said it would work a five-day week ... and it did.
    John Boehner and the Republicans campaigned on timely budgets and committee-produced legislation ... none of these bills being approved without giving three days for the public to read them.
    This week typifies the Republican Failure .... they finally voted on a budget amount (no appropriations yet, so we do not know how much various programs like Head Start may be cut), another extension on the 1942 farm bill so that milk prices would not soar, and asked the President to tell them how well Israel is able to defend itself ... the budget bill was approved when the House Republicans voted to change the rules (if Bachman wanted to kill the Ryan-Murray compromise, she and her 60+ members who voted against it, should have voted against the rule, which would have forced a 2/3rds margin instead of a majority to pass it).
    Then they went home. They will have been in session only 126 days -- roughly half of what Speaker Pelosi would have wanted ... BTW, next year, they are only scheduled to have 113 legislative days.