Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Craig Cobb Update: Not-So-White Supremacy versus NoDak snow white

Craig Cobb, center
Craig Cobb is the White Supremacist, wanted for hate crimes in Canada, who has a various times been jailed, or hospitalized in the local mental health hospital, for his behavior. Cobb has been refusing to eat since his arrest, and experiencing mental lapses, all part of what he claims is related to his ersatz extremist right wing religious nonsense.

Crazy radical religious theology is part of groups like Cobb's, including not only the neo-nazi/white supremacist radical right, but also the KKK and other similar groups. Religious intolerance, including antisemitism, is also a key belief component of the John Birch society as well.

In mid-November, Cobb and one of his fellow white supremacists were arrested after 'patrolling' Leith, North Dakota, as a self-appointed vigilante, armed with a rifle and a shotgun. The reason they gave for wandering around the town, confronting residents, and allegedly threatening some of them, was vandalism.

It's hard to see how any changes could be other than an improvement.

Except that it turns out the vandalism, consisting of damage to an old car, was done by one of his fellow neo-nazis, living in his own house, apparently one Afred Borgmann, according to the Bismark Tribune. Borgmann subsequently left the premises for a shelter, which apart from the personal conflict, also has amenities like proper sewer/septic and running water.

Cobb is not only encountering conflicts with his NoDak neighbors, he is having some falling outs with his fellow extremists. The other white supremacists/ neo-nazis showed up back in September, as seen in this photo and the video here. Fair weather friends?

white supremacist/neo-nazi 'supporters' / aka 'troopers'

But that support seems to be crumbling, as the AP noted. Some prefer 'stealth racism' apparently:
Tom Metzger, a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and founder of the White Aryan Resistance, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he has instructed his attorney to return property in Leith that Craig Cobb has deeded to him.

"The way he does business is not the way I do business," said Metzger, who still considers Cobb a friend. "I think people should move into communities as regular people and become part of the community, and not necessarily declare their racist views.

"His view was to come into town like a brass band. I disagreed with that," Metzger said.

Metzger's decision, made before Cobb was arrested over the weekend, is another indication that support for Cobb is waning, said Ryan Lenz, a writer with the Alabama-based civil rights nonprofit Southern Poverty Law Center.He has posted racial signs and white power flags on his property, and deeded some of it to other white power activists, including Metzger and Jeff Schoep, commander of the National Socialist Movement, formerly the American Nazi Party.

Schoep traveled to Leith in late September in support of Cobb. He did not immediately respond to several AP requests for comment Tuesday.
Cobb is facing health and sanitation citations because of having multiple people, including children, living in housing that is not fit for human habitation. He also owns properties with other decrepit buildings which were found to present hazards to the community, notably presenting potential sites for rodents, and attractive nuisances to children.

Not only is Cobb facing significant jail sentences if convicted of the charges for which he was arrested, but his properties are facing demolition, including his not so happy home which he named Hitler Park. Apparently, his wife is asserting that she is leaving him, because the white in NoDak is a lot more hostile and a lot harder to survive without heat, sanitation or plumbing than white hot race hatred of one's fellow 'Murikans'.

Cobb's next court date is December 9, 2013; consistent with his usual poor judgment, he will be acting as his own attorney. My prediction, it won't go well for him.

This, on top of finding out that through DNA testing he isn't even white enough to be a white supremacist according to the criteria of his little band of crazy bigots, seems to be just one disappointment and failure after another.

But heck, in one respect, little Leith, North Dakota couldn't get any whiter, and couldn't get any colder towards Cobb and his haples right wing nuts. Now THAT is 'white supremacy' aka high plains winter.



  1. The whole episode is simply pitiful. This loser deserves to be laughed out of town. The problem with fringe groups like this is, well, they are *fringe* and can't get enough people locally to do their bidding. Most of his cronies were from other places, and thus could only show up temporarily (unless they moved there, which was the goal, but who the hell really wants to move to THAT place, even to make a racist Utopia like "Hitler Park"?).

    1. His max potential jail time is something like 35 years. I'm betting he is looking at a felony conviction, and at least some time behind bars --- and no more legal guns.

      He's going somewhere for a long time, and I don't think it will be back to his hovel in Leith.

  2. That photo of the "Troopers" is begging for a "Blues Brothers" moment, all it needs is a bridge--preferably over a "clarifier" at the local sewer plant.

    1. Those troopers are just amateur thugs hiding behind their little black outfits. I doubt they have the IQ of a brick between them.

  3. would you say the same thing in those blues brothers appeared on your doorstep? lol

    1. I wouldn't mind one bit if the actual Blues Brothers showed up -- but your crowd of white supremacists? Not welcome. Apparently that is true in with you as well; politically you can't get elected dog catcher.

      Your lot have a false notion of race and ethnicity; you believe in a false, artificial construct of difference that is singularly evil.

  4. Mr. Metzger, can you please define for me that which makes someone "white"? For that matter, what makes someone "not white"? If they are an Italian with slightly olive skin, are they white? If they are a person of Nordic descent in 31 of 32 previous great, great grandparents, but ONE of their great great grandparents was themselves 1/8th Egyptian, are they non-white? Your kind have a completely arbitrary and utterly social construct of "otherness." Sociologists and psychologists alike note that primarily when your members join, they are not at that time racists, but rather, desperate to belong, desperate for the sense of power access to firearms give them, nearly universally occupying the lower class and looking for someone to blame for their lack of success. It is only through your propagandist indoctrination that they become "white" supremacists. Funny, don't you think?