Saturday, March 2, 2013

For the right wing theocrats and dominionists who opposed the vAWA

What is called Christian on the right is just not very Christian, in the original sense of the term.

Conservatives, like Phyllis "women who are sexually harassed in the work place deserve it" Schlaffley, like Michele Bachmann, like every male Republican in the Senate, believe that women should be submissive and subordinate to men. They believe that if men can't beat women to a pulp, that if they can't terrorize them with a gun, marriages will break up and families will fall apart. If women would just shut up and do everything they were told, not make decisions for themselves, including let themselves be raped by husbands and boy friends who won't take no for an answer, everything would be just fine.

They blame everyone, EXCEPT the abuser.


There is of course absolutely NO evidence that the solutions of the right wing dominionist nut jobs work; and there is considerable evidence that the ONLY solution is to protect women and children. But when reality doesn't conform to ideology, the right wingers reject reality - like teaching abstinence only sex-ed with factually inaccurate medical information results in a high rate of unwanted teen pregnancies and more sexually transmitted disease.

Right wing ideology is disastrous for women, for children, for families, for marriages, for communities, or for the nation.

What is called Christian on the right is not Christian.

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