Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Failed Republican Social Policies, Failed Republican Math, Failed Republican World View

Republicans insist on formulating bad social policy, EXPENSIVE social policy, based on the assumptions that poor people are drug users, that's why they are poor. The reality is that poor people use drugs at a much LOWER rate than more affluent people. But the Republicans LIKE spending money on humiliating poor people, particularly people who are minorities trying to justify it as guaranteeing public money will be well spent.

Does THIS look like money that is well spent? NO. It is stupid. It ignores all of the data that says this is a poor use of tax dollars, but hey - don't try to confuse Republicans with FACTS that contradict their world view. They prefer how they feel the world is to how it really is. The facts are not their friend, they deny and reject objective reality in favor of their ideology, no matter how wrong they are.

Republican policies have proven bad for Florida.  So who else wants to follow their bad example? Republicans in Indiana want to waste their tax money too! The hell with all those drug studies that show this is a poor use of public money - conservatives BELIEVE poor people are poor because they use drugs. You cannot reason with people who reject and deny facts. They do not, cannot, learn from their mistakes.

Republican policies = FAIL

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