Friday, March 1, 2013

Gun Huggers.......bwaaaahaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

In English slang, a 'Pratt' is a rude word for the human backside.

In this case the individual's surname is uniquely apt, because he is a total ass, and is so routinely, chronically the case, factually inaccurate with paranoid sprinkles, crazy whipped cream, and a tin foil hat in place of the cherry on top:


  1. Wow. This is full of all sorts of wacko lies and racism. A black army to attack whites and take away guns. "Ivory tower academics" who don't understand "rank-and-file Americans." Obama not born in the U.S. "A large-scale Waco" to kill thousands of gun owners (not just take away guns). The president "taking down the internet." Not just take away your guns, but "your car, your bank account, your house, and your life."

    1. An ordinary day in the make-believe scary world of the conservative conspiracy theory crowd.

      I believe when they venture this far right, they do genuinely develop a serious form of mental illness.