Monday, March 4, 2013

The Party that CLAIMS to be all about personal accountbility is NOTORIOUS for blaming others, but NOT taking responsibility themselves:

Dear Ann Romney, Mitt Romney, et al:

 If there were anything you could do to make us regard you with more disdain and contempt and dislike than your campaign, it would be this attempt to blame others for your failure. It is the measure of your lack of character and your badly misplaced sense of entitlement.

You, Mitts-on-R-Money and his sidekick, the Lyin' Ryan, proposed doubling down on failed economic policies; you and those anti-American / pro-1% policies were rejected.

You and Mitt and Lyin' Ryan proposed cutting the social safety net; you and that policy, and every policy of conservatism that relates to it, were massively rejected.

You all, and your policy advisers and your party platform were hatefully, ignorantly racist, misogynist, and bigoted, they were abhorrent.  You and your policies and platform of homophobia were also definitively rejected.  That includes your 'notebooks' of women, and your support of the culture wars on women, ranging from reproductive choice (including abortion legislation) to trying to make it legal for women to be discriminated against in compensation, to supporting the opposition to passage of the VAMA as you courted the votes of the dominionist religious right. That includes your position on the LGBT community regarding same sex marriage equality and gay adoption. YOU FAILED, YOUR IDEAS AND BELIEFS ARE FAILURES.

Your self-deportation for immigrants? It was reminiscent of the attempts by Germany AND other countries in Europe, including historically England, that over CENTURIES tried to purge groups of people, like the Jews, but not only the Jews, from their borders, by making life a living hell for them.  It is and was a thoroughly hateful and ugly policy you were behind, one that would result in the fracturing of families.

You and your neo-con militancy, you and your foreign policy failures, like not knowing what countries border other countries were a huge failure. Your multiple gaffes while traveling overseas as a candidate were failures of foreign policy BY YOU.   We don't want four more years of a George Dubya Bush clone; we reject, emphatically, with all our might, those mistakes AND YOU WITH THEM.

We figured out who the 'real you' is, not just the "I'll say anything to get elected' you, and we don't like you, don't trust you, don't respect you.......and most of all we don't want you.

That is not because of the media, it is because of who you are and what you stand for; you are INCAPABLE of governing or representing this country, and you will never EVER set foot in the White House except - maybe - as a guest or as a tourist.

Got that? So stop being just another whiny conservative who fails to take responsibility. You are a failure, your political ideology is a complete and UTTER failure, and until you change, we don't want you or your politics.

Elections have consequences; your philosophy of 'if you can't beat 'em, cheat 'em' strategy to win is offensive. It FAILED. It definitively, unmistakeably FAILED. YOU FAILED.

Get your overprivileged spoiled behind on your dressage horse, and ride on into the sunset; I don't give a hearty god damn if you go away mad or disappointed, just go away. Take your wealthy election-buying donors with you.

We don't hate you, but we do not like you, and we do not trust you. We DO hate your ideas, politics, business ethics (or more properly lack of them), and beliefs about people and this nation.

You own a lot of other things; like it or not, you own the failure, too.

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