Monday, March 25, 2013

The Tea Party boycotts Fox News - you can't make this shit up!

The Tea Party wants to be lied to, they want to avoid anything resembling facts in favor instead of being told the propaganda they WANT to hear, no matter how false it is. So now they're mad at Fox News because the real world is not the same as their silly fact-free fact-averse alternate reality. It's fun to laugh at the Tea Party for their willful ignorance, intentional stupidity (they really work at it) and their utter disconnect from objective reality in favor of a badly flawed, epic fail ideology.

No wonder they are disappearing, going the way of the Dodo bird. The GOP will remain the party of stupid so long as they are welcome, along with the other extremists, conspiracy theorists, and other drek that have no business being part of serious political thought or influence in this country. Send the fringe back into the shadows, where they can seethe in hatred and fear and ugliness!

In the meantime, they prove that fact is stranger than fiction when dealing with the fringe extremists. Ya gotta laugh at them, poor old dears. It reflects the nexus of mean with geriatric dementia.

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