Saturday, March 2, 2013

This is appropriate guilt by association

The right keeps trying to deny that a significant segment of their party is racist, and that the rest of the party tolerates racism.  They pretend surprise at the accusation, they feign outrage. There is shared guilt when there is shared acceptance and tolerance for racism.

This is the Right Wing Racist reality:
 Montana county's GOP chairwoman proves her tea party bona fides with racist watermelon trap post
Before she was Yellowstone County, Montana, Republican County chairwoman, oil-drilling consultant Jennifer Olsen co-founded "Montana Shrugged: Tea Party Patriots." It promotes the usual tea party agenda and sent an email last year urging everyone on its list to sign a White House petition seeking permission to secede from the United States. The petition failed to reach the signature threshhold requiring a response from the administration.
But, apparently to prove to fellow tea partiers that she has a ... uh ... sense of humor that goes beyond making moronic policy forays, she recently posted a photo on her Facebook page that caught the eye of the Montanafesto Blog.
It speaks volumes that the head honcho of the GOP in Montana's most populous county and home of its largest city would think the Obama-trap photo is a big ha-ha. But then as has become obvious over the past four years, it's not just in Big Sky country that modern Republicans, and not all of them tea partiers, have chosen to treat the president like some uppity darkie who has no business entering the White House other than through the deliveries door.
As Montanafesto notes, Olsen is known for her divisive tactics and other shenanigans, and she, like the tea party in general, displays a twisted, selective approach when it comes to states' rights and federal supremacy. That, however, did not stop the Billings Gazette from featuring her this month as one of its "40 Under Forty" up-and-comers.
Olsen has shut down her Facebook page, as if that would somehow obliterate what she did. But the screenshot lives forever.
A Republican Party with a heart and a brain and a sense of honor would have immediately booted Olsen out of her county post and offered Montanans and the president an apology. But then a Republican Party with a heart and a brain and a sense of honor wouldn't be the Republican Party.


  1. Why, that's not racist, it's just the only thing that a ni--, um, a, err, Darkist-in-Chief would be lured by. Oh, it's not, arugula woulda worked, too? Oh, yeah, okay, maybe. But, watermelons and black folks, that's FUNNY, like KFC and black people or...

    Remember when the "fist bump" was a radical Kenyamuslosocifascistic "sign"? Well, there's an awful lot of white people I know who do it--and teach their babies to do it, as well.

  2. BTW, how funny would that be if we used a bible or a gun "trap" to catch fundies or gunzloonz?