Thursday, August 1, 2013

White Violence, Black Violence, and Bigoted Double Standards

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The Huntingdon Beach Riot was real, the footage of rioting was real, the arrests were all real. Both public and private property was damaged extensively.  Tear gas was used by riot police to stop it.

Where is the Hannity rant, the O'Reilly scream of anger, not just for the Huntington Beach Riot, but all the other white European riots? It's not like there aren't plenty of them, so why is a similar finger of blame not pointed, why no similar claim of inferiority not made?


Below - Euro-riots 2000 and Canada riots as well as the Huntington Beach California riot.

and this riot, in Vancouver in 2011 - the one that was claimed to be in Miami after the Zimmerman trial:

and Huntington Beach, California:

But this is how the conservative white racists view themselves, while conveniently ignoring every indication of white violence, pretending to themselves it doesn't exist. It does. We saw it in Huntington Beach, California, and we see it to our usually very peaceful neighbor to the north, and we see it in Europe, in the original countries of origin for white Americans.  There is as much violence and anti-social facets to white culture as any other.

The reality is that if white people were viewed the way people of color are viewed, he would be outraged, he would not be speaking so smugly and so ignorantly. There would be an incredible push for change, for fairness, if the relative status were reversed. White people would not tolerate directed to them  the racism they show to other people.

And here is an example of one of the arrests in this recent white rioting.  Where are the words from the conservatives bemoaning the failure of white European American culture that leads to violence like this? Where is the comparable condemnation of attitudes? Something tells me we will have a long wait for that.  The better question than when will white people similarly condemn white violence, or similarly attribute it to white culture is - double standard much?

from the Huff Po:
Firefighter Arrested In Connection With Huntington Beach, Calif. Riots (VIDEOS)

The Huffington Post | By Anna Almendrala Posted: 07/31/2013 3:03 pm EDT | Updated: 07/31/2013 3:09 pm EDT

A photo of Michael John Lytle via KTLA.

A firefighter is one of seven people arrested in connection with the violence that broke out after the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, Calif. on Sunday.

Michael John Lytle, 30, was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after the melee. A resident of Anaheim, Lytle has been a firefighter with the City of Fullerton Fire Department since 2008, reports the Los Angeles Times. Since his arrest, he has been placed on paid leave while city officials investigate the incident.

In an interview with KTLA (video above), Fullerton fire chief Wolfgang Knabe expressed surprise and disappointment at the allegations leveled against Lytle.

"This is not something that I would have expected from this individual, or any firefighter for that matter," said Knabe to KTLA. "Traditionally we're held in pretty high esteem in the community, and for any organization, when something like this happens -- it's not a good thing."

Rioters destroyed cars, portable toilets, windows and streets sights in downtown Huntington Beach, and police are now examining photos, videos and social media to identify and arrest suspects.

In particular, Huntington Beach police are looking for the suspect that was caught on camera using a stop sign to break the display window of the Easyrider Bike Shop. Police posted a photo of the suspect breaking the window, then celebrating, on the department's Facebook page:


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  2. "White people would not tolerate directed to them the racism they show to other people."

    Well, there's Zimbabwe where the white people are treated like 2nd class citizens by the people whose forebears they treated as chattel for a century or so...oh, wait, never mind.