Monday, May 12, 2014

Ann Coulter, part-time Harpy, and Media Whore

Ann Coulter has no contribution to make to public discourse except to try to act as a sort of right wing shock jock who says ugly and hateful things to make nasty wrinkled old right-wingers happy.

Her attempt to profit off of the tragedy that happened to a couple of hundred girls in Nigeria went very, very badly -- as it should.

What Coulter does for a 'living'.

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Man, sometimes I'm shocked by the shit says for attention.

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and some of the rest were worse - or shall I say, less nice, but more on target calling her out.


  1. There's no "Part-time" about it.

    1. Definitely full time media whore - she'll say anything, do anything for attention, and the chance to try to have relevance for the radical right, without morality or integrity.

  2. I have never really looked at any photo of Coulter for very long but I just realized that she resembles no one so much as Alice Cooper without the benefit of his theatrical make-up.