Thursday, November 13, 2014

Because ONLY Conservatives could be this kind of ugly-crazy

You couldn't make this up if you tried.

Conservatives on the religious right give God and religion a bad name.

Just a little perspective - the guy was court martialed while in the military, and likes the moniker "Dr. Chaps". He's got a very large file over at Right Wing Watch - and deservedly so.

Shame on Coloradoans who elected this jerk. They'd be better off electing a monkey, or maybe a dead guy, or an actual horse's rear end.

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  1. The election should make us ask ourselves a few questions ... does this guy really represent my views/beliefs ?

    In my view, one of the big losses was Congressman Steven Horsford of Nevada ... but then again, the "good people" of Nevada did re-elect with 77% of the votes cast, Jim Wheeler as State Rep (District 39) ... Wheeler has had problems with financial discloser reporting but does "stand-up" for his district ... you may recall that Representative Wheeler got the "Colbert bump" for his comments on slavery (if the people want it, I will support it)