Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday, June 27th 2015 - burn the Confederate Flag Day!

Of course, now it's much harder to get a confederate flag for burning, but that's a good thing.  There have been periodic Burn the Confederate Flag days before. It is time for another one.

From the FB event:

From "If You Only News"
In the wake of the senseless murders in Charleston by a racist monster, the confederate flag has come under attack. The “stars and bars” as the imbeciles who hold this symbol so near and dear like to call it, has no place in America other than in a book about hate symbols relegated to infamy.
Southerners are of course in a complete tizzy, as their symbol of racist pride isn’t racist to them, it’s just who they are. The fact that it happens to be the symbol of racist pride, making them racists, has them calling anyone who is attacking what their beloved flag stands for a racist…somehow.
That’s an awful lot of “racist” for one sentence, so let me go ahead and break it down so the Teabillies of the south can understand:

The confederate flag isn’t a symbol of your heritage, it’s a symbol of your hate. It’s a way for you to remember that your ancestors rebelled against the government in support of the enslavement of an entire race. It’s a reminder that a million Americans died because the bigots who created your gene pool thought they were superior to black people, a trait they passed down with ease.
For those who say burning a flag is disrespectful, and that by doing so you’re smearing the memory of those who died defending their country as patriots, I say good. Smear it. I’m tired of hearing about how southerners were simply fighting the war they were presented with and that they were patriots supporting their individual states’ rights. The people who think those who fought proudly on the side of treason should be commended and glorified are the same people who refer to the Civil War as “the War of Northern Aggression.”
...The confederate flag deserves no respect. It’s not a standard of the United States of America. The fact that it flies over South Carolina is an insult to the memories of not only the nine people murdered there last Wednesday but the thousands who have died cruelly there both in the bonds of slavery and at the hands of racists like the Klan.
It’s for these reasons and many more  that I will be participating in the Facebook event “Burn The Confederate Flag” on Saturday, June 27. I will not purchase the vile instrument of racism and hate, I will print one instead. I will video it going up in flames and I will upload it to Facebook with the hashtag #ConfederateKindling.
The racists are already all over the event page, calling people intent on burning a piece of paper  racists. I just will never understand how that one works. Are we racist against white people because we refuse to support a symbol of slavery and oppression? Really it just makes no sense.

If burning a rag that stands for insurrection, treason, hate, racism and slavery makes me a racist, then sign me up. Sign up for the event on Facebook HERE.

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