Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris Attacks

Yesterday... again....

brutal, disgusting pigs attacked and killed upwards of 160 people in Paris as undoubtedly you know.  No site dedicated to current events can be mute to such events.  It was nightmarish to watch unfold, it was a further reflection of the depravity of extremism, and of man when self-righteousness trumps decency and morality.  These men were not moral, they were the most base form of murderers.  They were not fighting "assymetrical warfare", they were killing children and other innocents in an attempt to intimidate the world, nothing more.

But this is not about them, it is written to mourn the dead and dying, to express kindness and solidarity with the French people and those who knew and loved the lost (and injured).

But what can be said?  What words can anyone utter which capture the scope of the horror, the disgust toward the attackers and their supporters?  What utterance properly conveys the anguish we feel, once again, for those attacked?  Will we become immune to the pain and shock?  Gosh, I hope not.  That's not a world I want to be a part of. 

To any of those affected by this attack who might read these words, cheap as they may be, please accept my most deeply felt condolences.  Your sudden loss, is I'm sure, heartbreaking.  Know that the world cries with you.  Know that justice will come to those who helped do this, to those who support this kind of vile brutality, but I am sure that is of little solace right now, and it may not be ever.  I have no more words, I am sorry for that which has been taken from you and your loved ones.

In deepest sorrow.

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