Saturday, October 29, 2016

No Schadenfreude for you, GOP!

That Hillary scandal is another non-scandal.

From Think Progress:
So what we now know is that Comey delivered this letter, not because the FBI uncovered some new bombshell, but because he was under a legal obligation to do so. We also know that the emails were not from Clinton. Additionally, the AP reports that the emails “did not come from her private server.”
Despite the explosiveness of the initial headlines regarding this letter, the actual substance of the story appears to be shrinking with each new revelation.


  1. It appears that Comey was not under legal obligation to do so, but felt compelled because of a "promise" he made during his previous testimony to Congress. Legally, of course, he reports to the AG, and the DoJ has rules on timing of disclosures. Today's news suggest that Comey took it upon himself to inform Congress, presumably not to give the impression of having thrown the election to HRC. The irony!

  2. You are correct Broodingbrahmin. Welcome to Penigma, and thank you for your comment!

    I will be expanding on the fall out from Comey's congressional missive later on today, as it appears he may have fallen afoul of the Hatch Act.

  3. Thanks Brahmin. I think Comey was in a tough spot. I do wonder whether he could have released more detail to illuminate whether this is about Clinton or about Abedin (which would be a non-story).