Monday, February 13, 2017

N Korea messes with weakling Trump

The president of the undesirables whom it pleases me to mock by calling him Rump, is facing a crisis that is approaching that of the Kennedy era Cuban Nuclear Missile Crisis.
Let me outline the similarities:
1.  Nukes are nukes, they are weapons of mass destruction, and that destruction is difficult to direct
or control, and is capable of expanding far beyond their target.
2.  As with Russia, China is a superpower subsidizing, supporting, and protecting the smaller proxy power.  To attack one is to engage both in war.
3.  Both proxy states, Cuba and N. Korea, are or were substantially dominated by powerful dictators.
4.  Any war, nuclear or otherwise, would have a near certainty of expanding into a global conflict/ WW III.
5.  Both proxy countries, Cuba and N. Korea, are targets for displaced former nationals, Cubans and S. Koreans. Family members of these groups would be or were directly and adversely affected by
escalating conflict.

So far their is no sense of respect for Rump, or intimidation on the part of N. Korea for his swagger; rather the timing of the missile test appears intended for maximum impact to challenge Rump as he hosted one of the other great opponents to N. Korea, a country facing a very real and more proximal threat by this test.  Japan NEEDS the protection of the USA and Korea just threatened that support.

I continue to be shocked and dismayed at the ignorance demonstrated by Rump supporters, ignorantly asserting we should not just attack N. Korea, but nuke them first.

These willfully ignorant and belligerent know-nothing's are clueless children, not informed adults.

Even if we were to find ourselves in a greater conflict with China that was short of a shooting war, we could and should expect devastating economic consequences on both a national and global scale.
Any serious student of history knows that economic conflicts are the single greatest catalysts for subsequent armed conflict.  If you did not know that, I suggest you address that gap in your understanding, including the tariff conflicts like the stamp act and the Boston Tea Party as leading to the American Revolution.

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