Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ossoff wins Special Election in Georgia

Georgia has so-called jungle primaries.  To win outright you have to get 50% of the vote or better.

The democratic candidate Ossoff only won 48.1%, well ahead of the next candidate, a Republican, with less than 20%.

So now Ossoff will be in a runoff in June for the congressional seat once held by Nut/Newt Gingrich.

What makes this a significant win, considered widely to be a referendum on Trump specifically and Republican governance generally, was the unusually high voter turnout for a primary, with a mix of Democrats, Independents, and defecting disaffected Republicans in the mix of Ossoff voters.  Following an unexpectedly good showing in the bleak Brownback Kansas political landscape, where the Republican governor is an epic failure and where many of the far right tea parties in the legislature have been ousted already, the trend seems to be dissatisfaction with Republicans, their policies, (both proposed and in practice) and their inability to govern.

As Trump continues to flame out, with polls showing steep declines in support for his promises ever manifesting and with rampantly growing disbelief in both his integrity and competence, as the right is shown up generally for their utter lack of real solutions, the 2016 GOP victories have gone bitter failures.

America was scammed by Trump, and as that reality dawns, the country doesn't like it. This bodes well for Dems in 2018.

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