Sunday, March 25, 2018

Being "pro-gun" isn't really pro-gun

What would you say if you saw a bunch of people being really irresponsible? Not only were they irresponsible, but they were giving YOU a bad reputation.

Those people are the gun nuts, or gun loons.

No, not all gun owners fall into that category.

But when someone goes so far off the deep end that they fail to understand that they are not being careful with something that is intended to kill or cause serious bodily injury when used properly.  Even target practise is training to be able to kill.

Now, before you say "it's just an inanimate object that isn't harmful": would you put a loaded one in your mouth and pull the trigger?

I hope you answered that question "no", otherwise stop reading NOW! I say that because there is nothing I will be able to say that will make you see sense.

You are one of those fuckwits who is so entrenched in having a gun as your identity that you will not see sense.

If you happen to be a sensible gun owner, then you understand that having guns everywhere makes no sense.  You wonder why anyone would want a weapon capable of firing hundreds of rounds in a matter of seconds: especially when these weapons cause more harm than good.

But it goes beyond just weapons with a high rate of fire. It goes to idiots who shoot in built up areas because they have a "right" to do so. More people carrying guns in public makes no sense as well.

Unless you are a shareholder in a weapons manufacturer.

I have no problem with legitimate gun ownership, but if you have one to wage war on the US Government (which happens treason under Article III, iii of the US Constitution, so drop the "Constitutionalist" Bullshit--the document is against your position) or to fight the zombie apocalypse.

Deadly weapons are not toys. You have no "right" to one if that is your attitude.

Promoting unfettered gun ownership is plain off wrong.

It's time to stop fighting the change that is way overdue or you may be looking at the gun ban you dread. Instead you are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy by having been irresponsible with your "right".

Bottom line, start being responsible and get used to there are limits on gun ownership.

Or just shut the fuck up because we are tired of hearing from you because the tide has turned against you.

And the responsible gun owners want to be able to hunt or target practise, which they may end up not being able to do if we don't show some responsibility and sanity in all this.

If people want to call themselves conservative then they had better start with personal responsibility.  In this case the responsibility is to stop promoting gun ownership amongst people who shouldn't even dream of owning a firearm.

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