Sunday, March 24, 2013

GOP Fiscal responsibility my ass, GOP concern for the deficit and debt, my ass

Yes, we have a spending problem, and yes, we have a revenue problem too --- and it is from Republicans, not Democrats. We will not get out of our current economic woes, or any future economic woes either, by following their economic policies, which are consistently and have been for decades an unmitigated disaster - not unlike the right wing foreign policies. In fact, there are NO right wing policies that have been successful, only crooked failures, and oppressive cultural wars on the wrong side of history. Shame, shame, shame; history will excoriate conservatives for their epic fails and intolerant and illicit conduct. Conservatives CLAIM to be patriots, but their conduct shows they hate democracy, hate minorities and women, hate liberty and the Constitution. If we allow them to dominate any branch of government, they will destroy this country; they're already turning us into a third world nation without a viable middle class, which has ALWAYS resulted in instability and vulnerability in our national security, economically, politically, and militarily.

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