Sunday, March 24, 2013

GOP = Hypocrisy

Michele Bachmann tried to claim that she was concerned about Benghazi when she went off on her rant that made a false accusation against the President, claiming non-existent extravagance. Nice ploy - use one lie to try to excuse another, an unsuccessful bait-and-switch tactic. 

Loopy Lindsay, and the sadly deteriorating John McCain and their fact-deficient colleagues made claims of non-existent live-feed video and other nonsense to try to obstruct action in the senate on a variety of confirmations, yet they failed to show up to briefings where they could have had answers to any questions. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz disgraced themselves with their ill-founded accusations, and were handed their collective asses by Hillary Clinton.

I have to give a pass to those who were not serving during the Bush administration, to a degree; they were not in the position of those in Congress who have the benefit of briefings unavailable to the rest of us.  But given that demur, I still can't find ANY statement from any of those right wing tin-foil hat wearing extremists currently in Congress that was critical of the Bush administration in ANY way for the MANY MANY far worse attacks on diplomatic missions and other targets between 2001 and 2008.

Which makes this bunch of opportunists the most hypocritical and dishonest bastards wasting tax payer $$$$ on crocodile crock-o'-shit tears and fake outrage in a long, long, long time.  Anyone who gave a damn about the security of our diplomatic missions wouldn't drastically cut the funding for that security, the way the tea party thugs and the far right wing crooks did, PERIOD. They don't care, and they have no qualms about trying to exploit the dead bodies of Americans who made the supreme sacrifice.

They should be embarrassed; they should be called out by everyone across the political spectrum. Show me ONE Republican or Tea Partier who has done so - answer, NONE. I'm waiting to see how many more ttimes this crap will be dredged up by these insincere ghouls trying to exploit American deaths - and looking with delight at ridiculing them for further cutting spending on security. I hope the lie sticks in their throats, choking them metaphorically on their words, in a way that no rhetorical Heimlich maneuver can correct. Every Sunday morning current event talk show is a new opportunity for right wing liars to run their mouth without substance or legitimate content.  We could wait until the sun turns cold for them tto have the character sufficient to be ashamed.

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