Friday, September 13, 2013

A little Friday the 13th Fun

Alex Jones, working his radio magic
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The two 'Southron' Jones boys have, separately, made the news, again, for ugly stupidity. By ugly stupidity, I mean conservative paranoia peddling and hate mongering mixed with hearty elements of fake ‘facts’ that pander to conservative prejudices, particularly religious prejudice.

Let’s start with Alex Jones and Syria. As Raw Story notes:

Fringe conservative radio host Alex Jones said this week that an effort to avert a U.S. attack on Syria with diplomacy was actually a United Nations plot for the extinction of the human race, which would be replaced by “globalists” like President Barack Obama who would become cyborgs by using “life-extension technologies.”

“But it’s the globalists here running my life, that’s why they’re my front-and-center problem,” he said. “Because they are the biggest, most organized, eugenics-based, scientific dictatorship, trans-humanists at the top that plan the extinction of almost everybody and a new species to rise up or humans merged with machines.”

“That’s their religion, and no one’s discussing that,” Jones added. “Everyone is going to be deindustrialized, everyone is going to be put back into the Stone Age and controlled. And Obama and the globalists and the robber barons, they’re going to fly around in their jetcopters and their Air Forces Ones and their red carpets, like gods above us. And they’re going to get the life-extension technologies.”

Yup, all that healthy diet and exercise messaging from Michele Obama was a hoax; you don’t need a healthy body, because those lefy eletists are going to turn the privileged into machine people. (That black ‘cyberman’ in the middle is Obama.)

You know the stuff Alex Jones is spouting MUST be true, because even kids are being indoctrinated into the idea, with their toys, like cyber-Lego-people. Yup, that’s how you can tell….in far-right-wing-thinking-land. Darn that lefty diversity propaganda!

Moving on from the Texas twit to the to the other Jones boy, Terry Jones from Florida.

As the ‘Beeb’ aka the BBC noted:

A controversial US pastor has been arrested in Florida after announcing plans to burn nearly 3,000 copies of the Koran on the anniversary of 9/11.

Terry Jones, 61, was stopped by police while driving a truck that was towing a large barbecue grill filled with the kerosene-soaked Muslim holy books.

He had said he planned to burn the 2,998 copies at a Tampa Bay park in recognition of the victims of 9/11.

Terry Jones was detained – along with his associate pastor Marvin Sapp Jr – as they drove through the town of Mulberry on Wednesday.

As well as towing a trailer carrying the grill and the Korans, the pastor was also reportedly carrying extra bottles of kerosene inside his truck.

Both men were charged with transporting fuel illegally and Mr Jones was also charged with openly carrying a firearm, police said.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said his detectives had previously warned Mr Jones that his plans were against the law.

“We not only told him that he had a first amendment right to free speech,” Sheriff Judd said.

“We encouraged him to come to that park if he wanted to make any statements that he wanted. But he was not going to come to Polk County and violate the law.”

Of course, there were several dozen Muslims who died, but Jones doesn't care about desecrating their memories, and citizens of 115 countries, but Terry Jones has always treated them, apparently, as honorary Americans, in lumping everyone together in one big ugly hateful bonfire? Pastor Jones is as crazy and hateful a right wing fear monger and paranoiac gun toter as is Alex Jones. This year is a bit of a come down from last year, when he was part of the fake movie/video controversy, that led to fake protests in Egypt and which caused brief confusion in Libya at Benghazi.

Personally, I don’t see a lot of difference in the terrorism of burning a cross on someone’s yard, KKK style, or burning sacred books to harass and terrorize a group of people. The message is the same, the threat is the same, the intolerance and hate is the same.

Although, it is worth pointing out that good ol' gun huggin boys.....yeah, they just are not all that law abiding the way they would have us believe.  Even in Florida, combining guns and book burning raises a few eyebrows along with singeing a few.

Just think what the good ol’ southern Jones boys could do, if they put their heads together! We could have cybermen barbecue bigots that might look a bit like this, that could cook a book or a burger to extinction. But does it come in black? Probably not; it looks like more of a right-wing white guy thing. But heck, nothin’ says lovin’ like slapping a book and a burger on the Barb-ie.

Cyberman Barbecue?

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