Saturday, September 7, 2013

OH NO!!!! Voter fraud found - in Florida!!!! Republican fears justified --- of Republicans!

We keep hearing from the right about how unicorns and voter fraud are real.  The religious right insists the Biblical references to Unicorns is factual (Job in chapter 39, Psalms in chapter 92, and Isaiah chapter 34).

Some scholars posit that the Unicorn is really a rhinoceros, or a one-horned bull / Auroch, something like the picture at left.  Although that could just be a double horned critter where the horns are parallel, and you don't see the horn behind the closer of the two.  Obviously, unlike legs, horns are less movable - and it is less work for the artist to portray the image this way.

But back to voters... Florida righties have made the same moans and groans and gnashing of teeth over elusive and mysterious voter fraud, trying to justify prevention of legal, legitimate voters from participating in elections.  Oddly enough, or maybe not so oddly, if you disbelieve the righties are sincere in their obsession, the people who consistently are prevented from legally voting, or who have legal voting made more difficult if not impossible, are those who don't vote for right wing candidates, especially of the more extreme stripes.

The problem with the recently concluded Florida investigation, which was supposed to show how horrible a problem this REALLY IS, is that the only person caught committing voter fraud is one lone republican.  The man (whom we can reasonably predict is older, and white), worked for the Florida GOP; he committed voter fraud by a guy who (per the Tampa Bay Times) worked for:

... Strategic Allied Consulting, a vendor for the Republican Party of Florida, an arrest was made of a man who stole the identity of a former girlfriend's ex-husband. He admitted to fraudulently filling out two voter registration forms.
We have seen quite a lot of efforts at election tampering from the right. What we have NOT seen is a unicorn, and for that matter, rhinos, as distinct from RINOs, are getting pretty scarce too.

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