Friday, April 11, 2014

Too true - think of recent anti-LGBT propaganda, or anti-women propaganda or pro-gun propaganda from the radical right.

I try to be conscientious in validating the authenticity of quotations. This one is from "The Olive Tree and other Essays", circa 1936.


  1. or your general view of anybody who disagrees with you. :)

    1. Not at all; I will give serious consideration to anyone who is fact based, including treating facts in context, and only view people as deserving of criticism, or when appropriate, outright condemnation, based on their actions and choices, not on the basis of qualities with which they were born.

      You seem to miss the point that is quite different from challenging the innate humanity of someone. I don't advocate denying people civil rights, like those outlined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. You will never see me arguing to deny someone the right to vote just because they would vote differently than I would like --- quite the opposite. I've helped people get to the polls on election day who I KNEW would vote opposite to the way I voted, as an example.

      But that doesn't stop me from calling out as evil or ignorant those who are one or both of those things.