Friday, July 11, 2014

Or maybe not so respectfully....seriously


  1. The lady on the right is an international fugitive wanted for her involvement in several cases of terrorist mass murder.

    The lady on the Left is a law abiding citizen with a clean criminal record.

    1. Your source for the claim about the international fugitive?

      I haven't seen anything that positively ID'd her.

    2. All my the sources I' read have identified the woman as this:

      If this is an error, let me know.

      If she isn't a known terrorist fugitive I would be glad she's armed, the Islamic theocracis are no place for unarmed women.

    3. That identification appears to be speculative. It could be any number of Muslim women.

    4. I think you meant this for this thread:
      "This seems to be a more accurate identification- Reem Saleh Al-Riyashi, a Palestinian "

      Which appears to be the real person. Thanks for finding the error. I'll need to update a blog post I did on the issue. Since we agree the woman on the left is on Ms. Fisher from West Virginia with no outstanding criminal issues, let us look at the woman on the right:

      "Riyashi detonated a 2 kg bomb inside a building where the thousands of Palestinians who cross each day from Gaza to work in a neighbouring industrial zone are processed.[2]

      The Israeli army reported that when she reached the metal detector at the terminal, Riyashi pretended to be crippled and claimed to have metal plates in her leg which would sound the alarm.[2] She asked to have a body search instead.[2] After being taken to an area where a group of soldiers and policemen were checking bags, she was told to wait for a woman to come and search her in a cubicle. It was then that she detonated the explosive device.[2]

      Two Israeli soldiers, a policeman and a civilian security worker were killed. Seven other Israelis and four Palestinians were injured.[2]"

      So my above point holds true.

    5. I've found multiple claims of who the woman is, ranging from Palestinian to Pakistani, to Lebanese.

      What makes more sense to me is to try to identify the flag, and figure it out from there.

      And NO, we don't agree that this woman is law abiding. She appears to be another extremist nut job of the same variety that I associate with the criminals and domestic terrorists who turned up at Cliven Bundy's ranch.

    6. So anybody who doesn't agree with you is a criminal and a terrorist?

      Who are you sounding like now?

    7. This sums it up perfectly:
      “Perhaps the only thing more dangerous and destructive than religious extremism is violent religious extremism cloaked in the mask of pseudo patriotism."
      “While Holly Hobby Lobby is just a social media clown out for attention, she represents a dangerous strand of Christian fundamentalism that enjoys flirting with, if not threatening, real violence.”
      - Michael Stone, Patheos

  2. No, anyone who doesn't agree with me is NOT a criminal or a terrorist. Those who use guns to make their points AND to enforce them on others, and who oppose our lawfully elected government - including advocating sedition and treason ARE.

    When Harry Reid called the Cliven Bundy crowd domestic terrorists, he had it spot on, for all the correct reason.

    I disagree with you. I don't call you a criminal or a terrorist.

  3. And where has Ms. Fisher on the left done any of that?

  4. Replies
    1. So, you've researched her criminal history then? Or are you just guessing, like you guessed at the identity of the woman on the right?

      She advocates - as observed by Michael Stone - for violent right wing extremism.

    2. To quote Mr. Stone:
      "While Holly Hobby Lobby is just a social media clown out for attention, she represents a dangerous strand of Christian fundamentalism that enjoys flirting with, if not threatening, real violence."

      Translation: "I just really REALLY WANT her to be violent".

      We call what you just did right there "Confirmation Bias", you ignored all reality and picked the most biased crank who was willing to make an outlandish claim and called that "Truth".

      You know, you COULD just admit you are wrong.