Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The right to keep and bare breasts! (or open carry breasts)

You wanted to see something else?
It seems that the open carry crowd in Texas is upset at some women lawfully displaying their breasts in public.

Somehow, it seems to me that it would be a "god" (goddess?) given right if such a thing were to exist since breasts, unlike firearms, are part of the human body.   Firearms are not only man made, but a fairly recent one on the historic timeline (maybe a thousand years or so back), which seems to knock the possibility that a deity had anything to do with their creation.

In fact, I would think that even the most hard core religious fanatic would have to admit that god created the human body. Women's breast perform the function of nurturing babies, which again points to the fact that they may have been designed by a creator deity if one believes in such things.

Additionally, it seems that it is not against the law to "keep and bare breasts" in Texas (at least the part where women openly carry their breasts), which means they can exercise their goddess given right to do just that.

Kinda like realising that god is responsible for most abortions:  god is also responsible for women having breasts.

As the song says:  Ya gotta like boobs a lot!

But if you have a problem with women exercising their right to keep and bare breasts, maybe you ought to consider that walking around with a weapon isn't exactly a friendly act. In fact, it is a threatening act to most thinking people.

Did that ever occur to you, or are you just too stupid for that to occur to you?

Next week: the NRA demands that Open Carry Texas ogle breasts; to be followed by a limp retraction.

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