Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Houston, We have PANDEMIC!!!!

Hey all you poo-flingers, you got your wish!!!!  WE HAVE PANDEMIC!!!

Blame Houssien Obama, he did a bad job of preventing it, it's his fault and his alone.  No, it's not Ebola (Dammit!!), but not to worry, it's WORSE than Ebola, so YAY!, you get to fling poo to your heart's content.  It's a pandemic of domestic violence.'s that again?

It's a pandemic of domestic violence.

..well, that's not sexy

No, but it's far more serious, far more real, and something for which we have far more effective treatments than forced quarantines, so, why hasn't the President stopped all outbreaks of domestic violence?  He's feckless.

Yep.. that he is, I mean.. wait, I don't care about domestic violence.

Yeah, I know.

Each year 11% of all murders are due to domestic violence, more than all gang related murders.  Each day 4 women and 3 children DIE to domestic violence.  35% of all emergency room visits are due to domestic violence.   Yet, this "shining city on the hill" does little and less to stop it.  State policing agencies like to pretend it doesn't matter (in many states, many southern states.. go figure).  The "good ole' boy" mentality still is all too pervasive "If you don't want him to hit ya', stop makin' him mad."  Many times I think it's simply that those prosecutors/cops/whomever don't think it's wrong.

So, fling poo, you have your epidemic and you can blame the President - of course you might want to ask yourself what YOU'VE done to stop it - kinda like you might want to ask yourself the same question about Ebola (Gov. Christie), because this pandemic pre-dates Obama, and it's self-inflicted.  We turn a blind-eye, we blame the victim, we fail to prosecute.  It's our fault, but that's no fun, it's more fun to fling poo and not take responsibility.


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