Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shooting at Canadian Parliament (or Chrissy Teigen is correct)

As we share the sadness for our neighbors to the north, after their tragedy yesterday, it is worth remembering our own past experience in our capital building, as part of sharing both empathy and sympathy.

This is a kind of tragedy we share in common, along with our border.

h/t to Laci, cross posted from MikeB's blog:

Let's not forget the 1998 US Capital shooting, where two Capital Police officers were killed and three people wounded:It seems there are other shooting incidents, but unlike this one, which actually occurred inside the Capital, they are usually on Capital grounds.

Note how people act as if it is a normal event in the above clip.

There was another shooting inside the Capital in 1954.

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  1. Angry, delusional loner decides to take a gun and shoot people, 1998, Washington DC, USA
    Ditto, 2014 - Ottawa, ON, CA

    White right-wing anti-government whacko, not a terrorist
    Non-white recently converted whacko, terrorist

    I get it now